Travelling Exhibition

“Persistent, Ambitious and Positive Centennial Lithuania”

Exhibition final event: November 10, 16:00,Vilnius, Gyvybės mokslų centras, Saulėtekio al. 7.

Awards of winners, most interesting moments from the project and musical performances of X-factor finalist, singer Miglė Pivoriūtė, band Kūjeliai and singer Giedrė Naruševičiūtė! Facebook event:

Exhibition: November 6 – 20, Vilnius, Gyvybės mokslų centras, Saulėtekio al. 7

About project

Lithuania is preparing for the 100th anniversary of the Restoration of Independence, when the Act of Independence was signed in Vilnius on February 16, 1918, and the state of Lithuania was restored. During the 20th century, the state of Lithuania faced many challenges, but all of them were overcome by re-joining the community of independent nations in 1990. Today our country is a member of the Western world, is a member of NATO and the EU. Its citizens are able to freely travel around the world and represent their homeland.

The Lithuanian Youth Society in Sweden, together with the World Lithuanian Youth Association, and the Lithuanian Youth Societies in Denmark, Norway, and Finland, collected the ideas about Lithuania from Lithuanian people all around the world and presented these ideas in a travelling photographic exhibition entitled “Persistent, ambitious and positive Centennial Lithuania” on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Lithuania’s first return to independence.

Photographs were sent by Lithuanians (11-59 years old) from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, the United States, and various cities and towns in Lithuania. The exhibition’s planning committee selected 18 pictures for the exhibition. This number was chosen to symbolize the year 1918, which is so important for the history of Lithuania. Starting in September, the exhibition will travel through five Baltic Sea Region capitals: Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, and Vilnius, respectively. These pictures represent how the Lithuanian world community sees its homeland – a vibrant, ambitious and positive Centennial Lithuania.

The exhibition was organized in the framework of the project entitled “The Traveling Centennial Lithuania – an Ambassador to the Nordic Countries”. The project is partially financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. The organizers want to thank everyone who contributed to the implementation of this exhibition.

Exposition in Sweden:

On the 9th of September at 4 pm, there was an opening event in the city centre of Stockholm, Norrmalmstorg square. September 11-17 – digital exposition will be in Stokholmo Luma bibliotekoje (Ljusslingan 26, 120 31 Stockholm).

September 12-21 – exposition will be in Solna Folketshus (Skytteholmsvägen 2, 171 25 Solna)


September 24 – October 6 – Aalborg Universitet Copenhagen Quarters (A. C. Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 København SV).


October 09 – 20, Lithuanian embassy (0244, Dronningens gate 3, 0152 Oslo, Norway), work days 8:00-16:00.


October 24 – November 3, Helsinki, Kellohalli, Teurastamo (Työpajankatu 2, Rakennus 1 E, 00580). Opening hours: 10:30-14:00.
Opening event: October 24, 18:00.


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