Lithuanian Youth Society in Sweden (LYSS) is an organisation that unites and represents Lithuanian young people studying and living in Sweden.

We are a space, where young Lithuanians can meet other active people, participate in entertainment, cultural, sport or societal events, training or meetings with interesting people. We unite people who are 16-35 years old, mainly in Stockholm and Göteborg, and we are looking for enthusiastic people in other cities.

If you would like to participate in interesting events, meet new people or gain new experience, join us!


The organisation was founded in 2014 by several friends who started to organise informal meetings. During the years, the community was constantly growing and now organises various events: large concerts, meetings with popular people, traditional running events in the city centre of Stockholm and other. We unite many different people, therefore everyone can find something interesting.


Here are the main volunteers who organize activities of Lithuanian Youth Society in Sweden. We also unite about one hundred official members, and we continue growing!

Darius Kvainauskas
Milda Marija Gailiutė
Vice Chairman
Kristupas Liorančas
Ieva Lampickienė
Artūras Zelenkauskas
Member coordinator
Marija Zelenkauskė
Eglė Arlauskaitė Wigstrand
Event coordinator
Aurimas Rimkus
Event coordinator
Ieva Vainilaitytė Brorsson
Event coordinator
Raminta Kuzmickaitė
Monika Gineitytė
Event coordinator
Ignius Šalkauskis