We invite everyone – those who want to meet, participate in our events or contribute to organizing them in Stockholm and other Swedish cities. Join us today!

Why should you join?

You will become a part of a society of active and initiative people

You will be the first one to find out about events and will receive special discounts

When you join you will become a member of the whole Lithuanian society in Sweden and will receive discounts to events organized by other organizations

You will be able to realize your own ideas or contribute to fulfilling other ideas while acquiring new experience and knowledge

You will support the execution of Lithuanian youth’s initiatives in Sweden. It will be fun!

How to join?

It will take just 2 minutes: if you are 16-35 years old, fill in the form below, pay the symbolic 50 kr yearly membership fee and you have become a member of LYSS!

Once you become a member and subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive news about events organized by us and other Lithuanian organizations.

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