Meeting new people
Events to meet new people, network, find new professional connections or simply to have a nice time. We organise meetings, dinners, hiking trips or barbeque!

Bowling evenings, concerts, cinema and brain battles are several examples of our entertainment events.

We have active sports community, that organizes such event like Lithuanians running events in Stockholm, meetings with sports professionals, carting rides, basketball or volleyball tournaments or event jumping on trampolines!

Exhibitions, concerts, visits at music and other cultural events related to Lithuania, Sweden or other countries. The biggest our cultural event „Lithuanian music day 2016“ was organised in the Norrmalmstorg square in the city centre of Stockholm, and united Lithuanian artists as well as got a lot of attention from Stockholm citizens and visitors. We hope this event will become a nice tradition!

Traditions and community 
Celebrations of important National Days and traditional Lithuanian events – from joining Lithuanians from all over the world to sing the national anthem on the 6th of July to Lithuanian folk evenings.

Seminars and other
Seminars on various topics, meetings with interesting people, Zumba dance lessons – these are examples of our members’ ideas that were implemented.

Become a member of Lithuanian Youth Society and join our events or make your ideas a reality!